MANSCAPED® Performance Package Review

We put the Lawn Mower 3.0 and the rest of Manscaped’s Performance Package to the test and here’s what we discovered!
MuscleTech Staff
MuscleTech Staff

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We put the Lawn Mower 3.0 and the rest of Manscaped’s Performance Package to the test and here’s what we discovered!

Let’s be candid. There’s nothing wrong with body hair on men. Whether you have little or a lot – you do you. However, since you’re here – chances are you’re interested in keeping things a tad neater and tidier below the belt than the average bear, and if that’s the case you’ll want to keep reading. 

Note that Manscaped sent us a Performance Package free for use in this review. 

Why You Need a Body Trimmer

For starters, if you’re looking to shave below the waist there are hygienic reasons for using a dedicated body hair trimmer as opposed to one designed specifically for the hair on your head or beard. Be warned: You do not want to be swapping back from your nether regions to your face. Sure, it’s convenient and it’s all hair right? Wrong. The hair and skin around our peas-and-carrots is very different than the hair and skin on our face. Down under is where Staphylococcus bacteria like to hang out, so it’s important that you don’t cross-contaminate and introduce staph to your face especially if you have any cuts or razor burn on your face. But even with a beard, it’s just better to avoid introducing non-native bacterial species from that region of your body.

Hygiene aside, body hair trimmers are also better suited to delicate areas. They feature slimmer and lighter builds – which means you can go to town down there quickly and easily. Plus, advanced bodyhair trimmers utilize ceramic blades, which are still sharp but significantly reduce the risk that you’ll nick your sack. 



Manscaped launched in 2017 offering men the tools for safe grooming in the hard-to-navigate, sensitive area below the belt (and also the rest of your body). They’ve also developed post-trimming products to keep your boys dry and fresh all day long. Like MuscleTech, Manscaped has an in-house R&D team that focuses on creating the absolute best products with a mandate to never compromise on quality. This is a modern men’s grooming success story. Another thing we really liked about Manscaped before this review was how they’re creating an open and empowered male culture that results in more proactivity around self-care and inspiring guys to take the best care possible of their overall health. 

In 2020 Manscaped created a new version of their classic men’s grooming trimmer. The cordless, waterproof Lawn Mower 3.0™ will keep your nether regions neat and tidy; using Maximum SkinSafe™ Performance technology to prevent any discomfort during shaving, while also introducing some new features that really make this trimmer and attractive option for male groomers everywhere.

The Performance Package

The Performance Package comes with the new and improved Lawn Mower 3.0, a ton of other men’s grooming lotions and moisturizers to round out your manscaping routine, along with the rechargeable Weed Whacker™ nose and ear hair trimmer and a nice travel bag. But how does it all perform and should you buy it?

Our reviewer found the Lawn Mower 3.0 to be a balls-grooming device that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to display alongside your other self-care products in your bathroom. It features a sleek black design with a premium-feeling, diamond textured non-slip grip, handy charging dock and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold while you’re tackling the grass and the odd weed or two. It also features an LED light – which is perfect for the shower when seeing everything clearly is important. As a bonus –  the blades are ceramic and replaceable – which helps with hygiene. It features a guide comb for one different hair length and easy USB charging. Plus it’s totally waterproof. Our reviewer left it in the shower for a few days by accident without any problems (though we recommend drying and rinsing it between uses).

The motor inside delivers 7,000 RPM, and unlike the incessant drone of most traditional shavers, the Lawn Mower 3.0 uses QuietStroke™ Technology which we found is comparatively less noisy and instrusive – making it perfect when you don’t want to announce to the whole household that you’re trimming the hedges. Short of the ability to quickly adjust hair length through additional combs, this is one of the best trimmers we’ve tried and overall found this was an extremely well-built and powerful machine that should be part of any man’s grooming arsenal.

Complimenting the Lawn Mower 3.0 in the performance package are several key grooming necessities:

The Crop Cleanser is the perfect body wash to wash the funk off your junk – even if you’re not shaving them. However, if you’re ready for some trimming, we recommend using it first to get everything squeaky clean before shaving – and it also lubricates your skin.

After the deed is done, Crop Preserver is not only a masculine-smelling deodorant lotion but also a moisturizer with anti-bacterial, anti-chafing properties. If you train legs regularly, you’ll really appreciate the anti-chafing effect this has – and it smells great, delivering a fresh, yet masculine smell that also makes for a great cologne (which Manscaped has also created!)

On the go? Crop Reviver is a spritz that let’s you freshen up and soothe your privates anywhere, anytime. It features aloe and witch hazel extracts and will help you go from hot and uncomfortable to cool and refreshed.

While you’re creating pubic hair wizardry, let’s not forget the nasty forest growing out of your nose. Manscaped added the Weed Whacker™ to help tidy up there. The Weed Whacker™ features the same tactile excellence of the Lawn Mower 3.0 with a non-slip grip and matte finish. It also utilizes ceramic blades powered by a 9,000 RPM motor. Fully charged, it will run for 90 minutes straight (that’s a lot of nose hair) – but it’s easily charged using the same charging port as the Lawn Mower.

Each kit also includes a pair of anti-chafing boxer briefs that feature a novel microfiber blend designed to keep rubbing thighs and other friction areas cool. They passed the workout test and are just comfortable all-round daily wearers too.

To carry everything from destination to destination – there’s also a premium water-resistant travel bag that stores everything required to keep the jungle under control while you’re on the road.

The Verdict Manscaped is revolutionizing what grooming for the modern man looks like. They’ve created an entire category that didn’t exist before and have the chops to create some of the best male grooming products on the market. The Performance Package is the perfect starting point if you’re looking to take your grooming game to the next and features nearly all of Manscaped’s best products – all of which our reviewer found to be top notch.